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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Open House

My open house was a huge success! For those of you who visited my home that day, where are your make n take projects? There is a prize at stake! For those of my out of town friends, please be patient with me. I have your products set aside, I just haven't had time to get the post office!

In regards to the open house.... I did start a new card workshop. The first set of cards of 10 for $15.00 will be available on July 17th. You may preorder the card kit if you cannot make the workshop. I have one group of ten signed up; however, I have received numerous comments from others who would like to be involved but not necessarily able to attend monthly. Therefore, you CAN still be in the just need to pre-order and pre-pay in advance. Please contact me by June 10th for this month' s kit so that I may order enough supplies.


  1. I really want to try to come. When is the actual workshop??
    If you have a min tonight and/or tomorrow before noon can you vote for my card in a contest and please forward the link to all you know to vote too. You'll want to check out this website for storage. It's awesome. Hey and a tax right off for you. :-) CLICK HERE Vote here: CLICK HERE thanks Deanna

  2. Deanna, I will be starting a group up in that area, including Anna and possibly 2-4 other girls. It is a committment of six months to sign up, and the cards are 10 for $20.00, not $15.00 as my last newsletter said. You can either come to the crop (we change hostesses monthly) or you can order your kit in advance. The first night you will pay $40.00, one month in advance so that orders can be processed and kits made for the next month. If there are orders taken that night, whomever hosts gets the hostess credit if it equals a show ($150.00). All of my monthly card workshops will be scheduled for a Friday night, and if they are up in your direction, they will probably start at 7:00 and run for approximately three hours. If you are interested, I will need to know by Sunday at the very latest as I am meeting with this group of gals for a show tomorrow night and will be ordering their supplies as well as my second group on Sunday to meet the May deadlines.

  3. Ok, I'll be in touch. Up above it does say you can come if your NOT in the club but you just have to pre-pay and pre-register. Is that right?? I can't commit to anything monthly with my husband working in the auto industry and all. Thanks!